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The Bradley Mine in Harriman State Park

The land of Harriman State Park holds important iron resources. During the 19th century the iron ore held in the Harriman State Park area was mined extensively. Much of the Ore removed was taken to Clove Furnace, which is visible from I87, to be turned into pig iron. The resulting pig iron was taken to […]

Stormy Breakneck Ridge to Sugarloaf Loop

For many serious hikers in the Hudson Valley, Breakneck Ridge is a favorite training ground. The Hiking Group Hudson Valley Hikers often hosts evening and night hikes on Breakneck Ridge and looping back to the parking area on 9D via Sugarloaf mountain . Wednesday August 7, 2013 was one such occasion. On the drive over […]

Platte Clove Ice Scramble

Platte Clove is a deep ravine located in the Catskills. Water that gathers on High Peak Katerskill rushes off the mountain forming a deep chasm which rushes into the Hudson River. In the summer its waterfalls create deep pools which can make for some excellent cliff jumping and swimming. However, in the cold winter months […]