Stormy Breakneck Ridge to Sugarloaf Loop

For many serious hikers in the Hudson Valley, Breakneck Ridge is a favorite training ground. The Hiking Group Hudson Valley Hikers often hosts evening and night hikes on Breakneck Ridge and looping back to the parking area on 9D via Sugarloaf mountain . Wednesday August 7, 2013 was one such occasion.

On the drive over to the trailhead I was eyeing the sky and questioning whether this trip was such a good plan. There were ominous clouds which indicated definite rain. I have a waterproof camera case, and in the summer I sweat so much that rain is actually a relief, so I decided to go for it.

By the time we got to the first hump on Breakneck it was clear that it would rain. The trip leader Mirek advised those that didn’t want to get wet to turn around, but that he planned to continue because it didn’t seem to be an electrical storm. It started to rain a warm summer shower with medium sized drops almost as soon we left the first hump. Fortunately, the rain didn’t last for too long and had passed before the most of the group had made it to the third hump.

The large group of seventeen hikers pushed on to summit in its entirety and took a break at an overlook pst the fourth hump before continuing on to Sugarloaf Mountain via a bushwhack.

By the time the Hiking group made it to Sugarloaf Mountain, the sky was near black with threatening clouds. We all stopped to enjoy the dramatic view before heading back down the red trail to the autos waiting in the parking lot.

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